Hi guys, 

In class one we are focusing on phrasal verbs. We’ve got a Quizlet Live to learn the verbs, and then students will work against each other to test their new knowledge. To finish, we are going to create sentences from part 4 of the use of English exam. 

Homework: Page 111

The following video is an interesting TedTalk about creativity in education. It will be useful for next class. There is a lot of great vocabulary so you’ve also got the transcript too.

In class two we are looking at how to write a letter to an editor. In class we are going to prepare by discussing education, and more specifically in Spain. We’ll study some expressions related to education that you can use in your letter and then how to structure a letter to an editor. 


You are reading your favourite newspaper and you come across a letter which attacks the education system in your country (or a country that you know well):

…What a pity our school system is so out-of- date. I would suggest that some major educational reforms are needed in this new century!

Yours sincerely

Prof Collins

To give YOUR view contact the editor by writing to…

Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper giving your response to Prof. Collins’ letter (220-260 words)