Hi guys, 

In class one we are going to start with a Quizlet Live to practise the phrasal verbs on page 53. Students will also complete exercise 2 on page 54. To finish off we will complete an exam task from the trainer book. 

Homework: You have received this email from an English speaking friend, Mark

I’ve got lots of exams coming up in a few weeks and I’m finding it difficult to study for them. My parents and teachers say the exams are really important but I can’t get myself motivated. What should I do?

Do you think exams are important? How do you motivate yourself to study when you can’t be bothered? What’s your best technique to remember all the information? Do you think it’s better to study alone or with friends? 

Speak to you soon, Mark

In class two we are looking at the conditionals. To begin we will revise the structures of each conditional and practise making sentences with each one. We will then have a balloon debate about which famous people affected the world the most.

Homework: exercise 4 on page 55.