Happy Monday : )

Here is the plan for the week’s classes.

In class one we are going to look at a the use of inversion, which will be very useful in formal and semi-formal writing. We will begin by looking at how it is formed and why/when it can be used. We will practise it orally in class and there is also a Kahoot / Quizlet.

Homework: Please complete the handout from class. If anybody wasn’t in class, below you will find a powerpoint that explains the grammar, and the homework:


Class two:

In today’s class we are continuing with the theme of films. Today we will look at how to write a review (and more specifically a film review) which may be a question in part 2 of the exam. We will look at the structure of this writing, and the type of language you are expected to use. Additionally, we will look at specific structures that are followed by -ing or to + infinitive. We will use a photocopy from the CAE compact to see a model answer, and then discuss it.

Homework: Please complete the writing exam task given out in class.