Class 1

Revision of Modal Verbs- Must/Mustn’t Should/Shouldn’t Have to

Students will be asked to talk about the rules in their homes and schools and recommend places to eat and visit in Valencia using modal verbs

Complete page 42 book- Modal Verb Revision

Conversation- Students have to write or talk about something they wish to improve about themselves and a partner must give them advice.

Class 2

Music- We spoke today about musical tastes and what instruments the students can or would like to play if they had the chance

Today we will revise can or could.

Page 44- Complete email with can or could.

Adverbs- First we will talk about the life of Da vinci and then we read an article about him were we have to underline the adverbs in the text page 45

Revision of adverbs page 45

Listening exam task Page 45

Homework- Reading exam task page 50