Hi guys,

In class one we played a Quizlet live to practise vocabulary from unit 5, all of which can be found here: https://quizlet.com/es/473170679/proficiency-masterclass-unit-5-flash-cards/

We then moved onto to chapter 6 of the book, which focuses on healthy living. We discussed healthy lifestyles and looked at expressions containing the word life and what they meant.

Homework: Exam task on page 62-63.

In class two we will focus on the listening part 1 (page 67). We are going to discuss illness and injury (with reference to activity 5;page 62) and various ‘alternative’ treatments and therapies.

For homework, there won’t be a specific from this unit yet, since we haven’t looked at enough of the vocabulary and grammar that can be used. However, you all have various exam that were handed out on Tuesday, so I’d like you to choose a writing part 1 from any of exams.