Hey guys, this week we will continue with Unit 5. On Monday we will focus on grammar (the conditionals) and on Wednesday we will do the listening from page 42. For homework please watch the following video about the school system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=okpg-lVWLbE&feature=emb_logo

Then, select six problems with the schooling system that the video mentions:

Schools don’t teach how to be independent and don’t give students any control.

Grading in the education system is based on wrong values.

The value of education is decreasing as the system doesn’t give any real-life knowledge.

The knowledge is passed passively as students just listen to teachers talking.

The education system focuses on teaching students so they can pass tests and exams.

Students are not encouraged to be original.

The schooling system doesn’t give any opportunity to learn work skills.

Schools don’t take into consideration that people learn differently.

Modern education destroys creativity, personality and critical thinking.

There’s too much technology used in the public schooling system.

The school system teaches people to listen to instructions.