In class one we will broadly discuss holidays and complete the listening on page 124. We’ll also check out some extra phrases you could use in the speaking and writing exams We will then look at how to structure the homework, which is the following:

You have recently been travelling in an exotic country. Your friend has written to you because they are thinking about visiting the same place. Write them a letter describing the highlights of your trip, you should also mention any problems you encountered, say whether or not you would recommend the place and give your friend advice for their trip.

Materials relevant to the task:

informal-letter-travelling Descarga

travelling-expressions Descarga

In class two we will be focusing on word formation (part 3 of the Use of English exam). Students will work in pairs to identify word forms and use them in context, and then complete the exam task on page 74. We will look at some of the more common rules of word formation, and then play a Kahoot to practise some examples.

Homework: Complete exercise 2 and “useful language” on page 73