Hello everyone!

Last week we finished unit 5: ocean life. So students now know the following expressions and grammar structures:

 Vocabulary list:
Crab, blue whale, crab, octopus, jellyfish, orca, shark and turtle.
Dorsal fin, flippers, gills, tail.
Sea, ocean
Lay eggs, have babies, breathe air, take oxygen from the water, live in groups, live alone.
. Review 3º:
Teeth, eyes, claws, wings, legs, animals

The verb: ¨have got¨
I’ve got / I haven’t got / Have you got? Yes, I have / No, I haven’t
It’s got / It hasn’t got / Has it got? Yes, it has / No, it hasn’t
. Presente simple
It eats plants / It doesn’t eat plants / Does it eat plants? Yes, it does / No, it doesn’t
They lay eggs / They don’t lay eggs / Do they lay eggs? Yes, they do / No, they don’t

This week we will focus on bookwork.

See you in class!