Hi guys,

Are you excited for our first online class? I certainly am! Here’s what we are going to do this week.

Class One:

We are going to start the class with a discussion on what everyone has been up to over the last week and we will share some tips on how to avoid boredom during the quarantine.

We will practice Part 3 of the speaking exam with a twist:

Why are these things important to do when in quarantine?

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Arts and crafts
  • Subscribe to online streaming services (Netflix/HBO etc)
  • Adopt a dog

You will have to decide which of these is the most important using phrases from here.

At the end of the class we will look at the homework as you will have to do a little bit of preparation for the next class. There is a vocabulary exercise followed by a video that you need to watch. We will go over this in class.

Class Two:

I don’t know about you but being stuck at home has definitely made me eat more! So, we will steer into the skid and talk about food.

We will start with going over the homework and then we will discuss the phenomenon of ‘gastrodiplomacy’. Basically, as you would have learnt from the homework, it means promoting one’s country through food.

We will complete the remaining vocabulary exercises from the homework file and learn some new food idioms. And fear not, we will end with a Kahoot!

For homework you will have to prepare a mini-presentation on a topic of your choice. You can find key vocabulary and the list of topics here, but we will go over it in class.