Hello everyone!

Hope you are well and you are ready for our new online adventure!

This week we will focus on revision.

On Tuesday we will revise units 2 and 3, My colther and The weather.

1st exercise: revise clothes vocabulary from the Beep book: Coat, dress, jumper, hat, jacket, jeans, trousers, shoes, shorts, T-shirt

2nd exercise: I will show them the flashcards one more time and ask the following questions: Is the coat blue? Is the dress pink?Is the hat red? etc.

Students answer with: ´´yes, it is´´ or ´´ no it isn´t´´

3rd exercise: Students stand up one by one , and say ¨today I´m wearing ……¨they describe what they are wearing.

4th exercise: students need to draw someone from the class, they need to describe and the others need to guess who is on the drawing.

5th exercise: songs , we will sing the song from the Beep book and the following ones from youtube:

6th exercise: revise vocabulary from Beep flashcards : The weather

7th exercise we play the same game as in exercise 2, with questions refering to the weather.

8th exercise: students mime the weather and the others guess.

9th exercise: using and image from the Beep book, students need to draw 3 windows and a type of weather for each , then they present to the class.

10 exercise: we watch a short video:

HW: for next class students make a drawing of themselves and their favourite weather


On Thursday we will revise unit 4 and 5: Animals and Jobs.

1st :we will revise vocabulary of animals with the Beep flashcards.

2nd: I will ask questions like: ´Can an elephant fly?´and students need to answer with ´yes,it can´or ´no , it can´t´.

3rd : Students think of an animal and describe it to they colleagues till they guess the animal.

4th: drawing, using a page from the Beep book , student will need to draw 3 types of animals.

5th: we will sing songs: the song from Beep, then 2 or 3 more from youtube:

6th: we will revise vocabulary about jobs, from the Beep flascards.

7th: we will describe the clothes of each person.

8th: using exercise 9 from page 42 of the Beep i-book, we will match different objects with jobs. Ex: He has got a violin, who is he? – He is a musician.

9th: Drawing: draw an animal that has a job, ex: tiger footballer, monkey doctor , and present to the class.

10th: short video:

Homework: Draw a city where only animals live, give each animal a job.