Hello everyone, hope you are well and ready for our new adventure.

1st class

1st exercise: I will send different pictures to each student, they need to describe the object, animal, weather etc until their colleagues guess the word.

2nd exercise: we revise vocabulary from unit 4: Let´s go shopping, and students tell me one by one 3 things that we can find in each shop.

3rd exercise: conversation:

Students will be divided into 2 groups : shop owners and customers. I will asign the roles.

Shop owners will need to ask studets one by one:´Can I help you´ the other students asks for something that they would like to buy, if the shop owner has the item in his/her shop he/ she answes: ´How many do you want?/ What colour do you want?/ How many kilograms do you want?/´if thet don´t have it they say ´´Sorry,I can´t help you´.

4th exercise: Revise opposite/ next to/ between.

5th exercise : design your own shopping street, then describe it to the other students.

6 th exercise: we will revise vocabulary from unit 3: Keep healthy and sing the song of the unit: Let´s be health. After that we will play the clapping game. I will say sentences such as: Sleeping 5 hours a night. If it´s healthy students clapp once if it´s unhealthy students clapp twice.

7th exercise (if we have enough time) play hangman or sing songs.

Homework: watch the video and write down the type of vitamins you can see:

2nd class

The second class we will revise vocabulary about animals and ocean life.

1st exercise: play pictionary , I´ll send each student an image of an animal and they need to explain and describe it to the others.

2nd exercise: clapping games:

1st round:I will say the names of animals and students class once if they breathe air, clap twice if they take oxigen from the water.

2nd round: I will say the names of animal and students need to snap their fingers if they have babies and say ´boom´if they lay eggs.

3rd exercise: we will learn the following vocanulary, animal body parts: tail, wings, claws,whiskers, beak, fins, feather, fur, shell, horn, scales.

Students tell me 3 animals that have: a tail/ a beak/ claws/ fur etc.

4th exercise: draw a super animal , present to your colleagues and ask someone in the class to give a name to your SuperAnimal.

5th exercise: we will sing song: the song of the unit and What do you like to do?

6th we will learn a tongue twister .

Homework: watch the video and write down all the animals that appear in it.