Hi guys,

Here is the plan for this week.

Class one:

We will begin with a general discussion about our week and what we have been doing at home. Next, we will play a game called I Spy (Veo, veo). Students have to describe an object they can see in their house, and the other students take turns to guess the object.

We will also play a Kahoot to practise rooms and objects of the house. After each question, students have to go to the room that appeared in the question, and collect an object. However, the object is the same as another student’s, then there are no points for either person.


In class, we will each choose a country from the following list:

  • USA
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Scotland
  • New Zealand
  • Wales
  • South Africa
  • England
  • Sweden
  • Japan

Students have to plan a short presentation about their chosen country. To help, here are some ideas about information you might include:

  • A picture showing where it is on the map
  • A picture of the country’s flag
  • What is the capital city
  • What language(s) do people speak there
  • How many people live their
  • What famous places or things can you see and do there?