Hello everyone! Welcome to our new online adventure. I hope everyone is doing well. This week the plan is to focus on revision and fun.

We will begin with a discussion about what everyone has been doing at home.

Next we will do a show and tell session. Everyone will get a turn to share something with the group (you can choose a favorite toy, book, animal or game).

We will have a scavenger hunt! For this you will have to find some items around your house to share. There will be a time limit, so you will have to be quick.

Vocabulary review. Monday’s focus will be on clothes and Thursday’s focus will be the weather.

We will play some word games and make some rhymes, as well as learn Simon Says. Each kid will get a turn to be Simon!

Monday Homework: Draw a picture of your favorite outfit. What do you like to wear the most? You will share it with the group on Wednesday.

Wednesday Homework: Draw a picture of the weather outside. What is your favorite weather? Don’t forget to write the vocabulary words on your picture and be ready to share it with the class next Monday!