Class 1

Today we will star of with collections. Do you collect anything? Football cards, dolls, stickers…show us your collection

Following the book we will revise the following

How many? Family members and objects around the house

We will talk about what they have in their school bags and pencil cases.

Where is? We will practice the prepositions on, in, under, next to

Have got? Have you got? Yes, I have/No I haven’t

Practice days of the week and whats your typical day-

We will learn a new song – Days of the week song

Games (fast food memory game and pirate game)

For the next class students must

1.Complete the art project for that day

2. Bring their Favourite Toy/Food/Photo/Book/Superheroe

3. The theme is sports so students must dress in sports clothes

Class 2

Talk about art project and see what students have painted and listen to their description

Talk about their favourite toy/food/photo/book/superhero


What sports clothes are you wearing?

What sports do you like? Revision of sports vocabulary

Revision of Do you like? Does she like

Learn a new Chant

Scavenger hunt- Students will be asked to look for objects and

Next Class

In the next class we will be talking about superheroes and magical characters. Stay tuned for instructions.