Hello everyone!! This week we will focus on the topics of spring and the Easter holiday.

We will begin on Tuesday by discussing the games and videos you watched on the National Geographic Kids website. Which were your favorites?

The new songs for the week: Mr. Sun https://youtu.be/lFIv7s8Xceo, The Bunny Hokey Pokey https://youtu.be/X2HL2oR94Sw, Hop & Stop https://youtu.be/YGoaNx2BqJs, and I Spy https://youtu.be/in8ywZuYb9Q .

We will learn the vocabulary associated with Easter, learn some new songs and play some word games (spelling, hangman, simon says). We will explore different Easter egg dying techniques and I will demonstrate how to make a marbled Easter egg!!

Storytime: The children will review fast and slow before they listen to the story of the Turtle and the Rabbit.

Homework: Check out all the fun games on abcya.com. We can discuss your favorites next week!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy! Have a fantastic holiday!!