Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday! This week we will focus on the topic of food.

We will begin with a show and tell! Each class the kids can share a snack or food with the group. It can be anything!

The vocabulary focus will be on the names of foods, the feeling of being hungry, utensils (fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks), kitchenware (bowl, plate, pan, cup, glass, napkin) and the difference between eat and drink.

We will sing some songs and play some games together: abcya.com Make a Pizza / Make a cupcake, eslgamesplus.com Sentence Monkey (Present Simple / Prepositions), Simon Says and Hangman.

The kids will need paper and something to draw with each class this week. We will design and decorate our own pizzas and ice cream!

On Thursday they will watch me give a demo on how to make peanut butter!

Songs: Kid’s Box 6 Unit 4 Food, glorious food!, Do You Like? https://youtu.be/13mftBvRmvM, Peanut Butter & Jellyhttps://youtu.be/fe5Jk7YT_JE , Ice Cream Songhttps://youtu.be/KbrSWbuWtmc , Are You Hungry?https://youtu.be/ykTR0uFGwE0 , Let’s Make a Pizza! https://youtu.be/wkvfztlC2ho