This week we will learn the third conditional, and mixed conditionals.

To begin class one we will revise the zero, 1st and 2nd conditionals to make sure they are all clear. 

Then we will look at the third conditional with a ppt presentation. Students will practise making sentences with the structure, based on famous moments from movies.

Then we will work in breakout rooms to complete the third conditional sentences 

Student A:

Student B:

We will finish off class with a Kahoot to practise all the conditionals


Watch the following videos to learn all about mixed conditionals, and then complete the sentences below.

Class two

Today we are focusing on mixed conditionals. We will check the homework and then discuss any doubt about how to make the mixed conditionals. Then we will complete the sentences below in breakout rooms.

We will also play a Bamboozle to practise the mixed conditionals