This week we will mainly be working on revision

Class 1 15/6

Revision of family names

Revision of present simple daily routines- pairwork

Revision of hobbies- students are given 10 hobbies from a list which they have to write in 2 lists- what they are good or bad at and the students have to guess what they are good or bad at

Favourite dinner– If we went to the students house what would they cook for dinner- Starter, Main course, dessert

Favourite places to go

Kahoot and pictionary. Students will be able to draw on the screen and we have to guess what the student is drawing

Miming game.

Homework- Investigate and present information about a famous monument

Presentation – a famous world landmark

Class 2 17/6

World landmarks Trivia food from around the world

Students have to talk about their favourite recipes and write them down for the next class

Students are given a list of food and I have to guess if they like it or not.