Class one 

In class one we will continue with the topic ‘What’s on TV’. We will focus on adjectives to describe TV shows we like, and adverbs to say how often we watch them. We also have lots of games to practise them.

We will practice asking and answering questions using the present simple and these verbs:

  • Love
  • Really
  • Like
  • Don’t like
  • Hate

We will also learn adjectives to describe TV shows: 

  • Interesting
  • Boring
  • Fun
  • Funny
  • Amazing
  • Brilliant

Finally we will say how often we watch TV shows with these adverbs:

  • Always
  • Usually
  • Sometimes
  • Never

Class two

Today we will have a fun class to celebrate Halloween.

We will watch a video about mr bean and answer questions about his halloween.

We will learn some vocabulary related to Halloween and play some games:

We will finish the class with a Halloween Bamboozle: