In this lesson we will move on to unit 3: Let’s Shop!

We will do some activities to revise the vocabulary related to this topic and look at describing clothes.

We will then do a discussion activity in pairs:

-Where do you like shoppin?

-How often do you go shopping?

-What brands do you like?

-Are expensive brands better than high street shops?

We will then do a listening activity on page 22 and finish with a game of catagories.


In this lesson we will revise the vocabulary we looked at last lesson with a game of bamboozle.

Then in pairs we will do a discussion activity describing different photos and talk about whether you like the outfits or not. We will then discuss different events or situations and what you like to wear or what you should wear in these situations.

We are then going to look at comparatives and do some exercises. We will look a some different vocabulary to discuss different brands and work in pairs to compare different brands.

To finish we will play a game of kahoot.