Class one

In class two we are focusing on part 2 of the use of english exam. We will talk about the nature vs nurture debate and what makes us who we are. We will then watch the following video about this debate.

We will then look at page 36 of the book, which is all about part 2 of the exam. We’ll start off with exercise 2, which is about identifying types of words (e.g. preposition, verbs, articles) that can fill the gaps. Once we have identified the correct type of word, we will complete it in class.

Class two

In class one we will focus on the topic of stress and also complete a full speaking exam. We will start off with a general discussion of stress and what we find stressful. Then we will complete parts 2-4 of the speaking exam. We will finish the class with a Kahoot about Idioms related to stress


For homework complete the exam task on page 36.