Class one

In class one we will continue with a grammar review to help prepare our FCE students for their upcoming exam. Today we will look at the various conditionals and how these might appear in part 4 of the use of english exam. First of all we will revise how to form the conditionals, using two Powerpoints and a Prezi. We will also look at 2nd and third mixed conditionals. We will practise making sentences verbally, and then look at some other common expressions we may come across when using the conditionals: as long as, provided, unless.

We will then look at some exam practise from the following link: 

FCE Part 4 Conditionals

We will finish class with a Kahoot about conditionals. 


Class two

In class two we will complete a full speaking exam. This will be tailored so students will be able to practise the exam they are studying for. 

FCE Speaking exam

CAE Speaking exam