Class one

Amazing animals 1

Today we will revise the animals we learned last class and complete page 53 of the student book. Then students will work in pairs to choose 2 animals and make 5 clues about them. We will read them out and try to guess the animal. 

Animal Quiz

Class two

Today we will learn all about superlative adjectives using -est and the most

Geography superlatives quiz

Comparatives, Superlatives, Wild, Zoo Animals Vocabulary, Grammar, Interactive Monkey Fun Game

Next week our students will give a short presentation of an animal of their choice. 

Information to include:

  1. Habitat (where does it live)
  2. Food (what does it eat)
  3. Body (what does it look like?)
  4. An amazing fact 
  5. A picture so we can see it (you can draw or find one on the internet)