Class 1

Today we will talk about making choices and making decisions and opinions page 73- complete students book

What do you think we have to take into consideration for the following

What to study at university/what clothes to by/what friends to hang out with/where to live/what film to see in the cinema/

Problem page- students will write on a piece of paper a problem they would like to resolve. They will exchange it with another student and this student will give them advice- Should/must/ought to

Make recommendations for students to students who want to – Increase their marks at school/get in shape/

Buying the perfect present- Students will talk in the class and decide together what we should buy for the other students as a birthday gift

Homework page 72

Class 2

Revision homework page 72

Today we will talk about Influencers and their role in the world today page 71 Complete PET

Read and discuss the information and texts on page 70

How important are influencers?

Being famous debate


Homework page 73