Class one

In class one we are going to talk about routines. We’ll start off by revising how to tell the time. We will continue by looking at different things we do in the day and students will say what time they do these activities. Then we will listen to a boy called Kyle who will describe a normal day in his life and students will write down the times he does each activity.

We will also look at free time activities. Students have to talk about what they like to do in their free time and then write down 2 activities they enjoy and 2 they do not enjoy, and say why. 

We will finish class with a game.

Class 2

Today we will look at the adverbs of frequency (never, hardly ever, sometimes, often, usually, always) to say how often we do our favourite hobbies.

Students will then work in teams of two to climb the adverb ladder by making sentences.

To finish class we will play a Bamboozle to practise making sentences with the adverbs: