Today we will look at how to express wishes and regrets in the past and present.

Wish/If only PPT

Role play Student A

Role play Student B


Complete the exam task on pages 81

Class two

Today we will continue to look at wishes and regrets. We will work on the following exercises below and play a Kahoot. 

Wishes, regrets and complaints Kahoot


Complete the following part 4 use of english task:


This is part of an email you have received from an English-speaking friend, who will be visiting your home town for a short stay:

What a pity you won’t be around when we arrive. Anyway, we’ll only be there for one day and I was wondering whether you could recommend a local restaurant. Something for all the family would be great…We eat anything! Can you also tell us any restaurants to avoid. 

Write the email to your friend recommending giving your advice and recommendation. (Between 220-260 words)