Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. This week we will continue with the book, look at some exam activities, correct the homework, and give a bit more homework!

In the class today we will:

  • Hand in the homework and briefly talk about Writing and how I will correct the homework.
  • Then we will look in the textbook at page 12 and finish looking at the Present Perfect, and then look at the Writing, how to write  a Story.
  • To finish the class we will play a game about Capital Cities game to look more at travel and capital cities.
  • Look at pages 14 and 15 about Healthy Living and how to stay fit and healthy
  • First we will make a list of ways that we should stay healthy. We will use modal verbs (must, should, could, might etc)
  • Page 14 is a listening and reading activity.
  • Page 15 is about Vocabulary related to sport and health.
  • We can play a Kahoot about sports Winter Sports Kahoot

HomeworkThe Writing will be an exam Part One writing that I will give you on Wednesday. See this link for more info…Great FCE writing link