Monday 25th

Today we will focus on speculative language in speaking part 2. We will revise the following phrases and learn some more advanced expressions.

  • He might/may/could be… (possible)
  • There’s a chance that he’s… (possible)
  • He can’t be… (impossible)
  • There’s no way he’s… (impossible)
  • He must be… (almost certain)
  • I’m pretty sure he’s… (quite certain)

We will put vocabulary from the following PDF into practice by guessing what jobs the people have.

Speculation 1

  • A lawyer
  • A police officer
  • A serial-killer
  • A billionaire
  • A rock star
  • A bank robber
  • A chef
  • A professional sports-person

We will then turn towards the exam itself and practice speculating using photo sets provided in class.


Reading and Use of English part 2 Exam task on page 28

Wednesday 27th

Today we will focus on report writing. Since Halloween is just around the corner we will focus on the topic of festivals. We will discuss festivals in both the UK and Spain, and how they are celebrated.

We’ll then look at an example question and how to structure and answer it.

We will finish with a Kahoot to learn useful phrases for report writing.


Complete the following CAE report question:

In your English class you have been discussing festivals around the world. Your tutor has asked you to write a report on a popular festival in your country that may interest other students. Your report should:

  • Describe the event, saying where and when it takes place
  • Say how popular it is and why
  • Outline some changes you think should be made

Write your report in 220-260 words in an appropriate style.