Monday 1st

We will kick off class today with a discussion about travelling: how we prefer to travel,our favourite trips, where we’d like to travel to and any funny stories that have arisen from travelling. We will also talk about travel blogging and travel in the age of Instagram.

We will then complete the listening part 3 training exercise on page 31 which is all about two travel bloggers.

Following on we will go to page 32 to learn some prepositional phrases in exercises 2 and 3. We also have a Kahoot to practice this topic.

Prepositional Phrases


  1. Complete exercise 4 on page 32.

2. Watch the following video and complete activities 1 and 2. Please check your answers at home, but bring any questions you may have to class. 

Wednesday 3rd

Today we will begin by clarifying any doubts relating to the homework. Our main focus will be speaking and listening. To start, students will work in pairs to complete the speaking part 2 exam tasks on page 35 and 37. We will then complete the listening part 3 activity on page 36. 

As this is all about the benefits of travel and holidays, we will complete the following part 3 speaking task:

  • What types of tourism are popular in your country?
  • Are tourists usually respectful towards locals in your experience?
  • What are the greatest benefits of tourism for the area receiving the tourists?
  • Some people are strongly against mass tourism. Why is that?
  • How can tourism be harmful to the environment? 


You have recently conducted research into tourism in your area. Your local council has asked you to write a report providing information about tourism in your area. 

In your report you must:

► describe the type of tourism in your area and why it is popular

► explain the effects that tourism has on the area

► suggest ways of improving tourism in the future
Write between 220-260 words.