Class 1 – Monday, November 8th

We will start by reviewing school subjects; first we will listen to a song:

We will then review days of the week together with school subjects:

Then we will do activities from the book Beep 4, pages 5-7 with a special focus on conversation practice on page 6. The objective of this exercise is to practice dialogue and asking questions about school subjects: „What have you got today?“ and answering „I’ve got (Math) (on Monday).“
We will practice this using the timetable here:

We will finish with school subjects memory game:

and a Baamboozle quiz – game code: 30870

Class 2 – Wednesday, November 10th

We will begin with the video to help us review our school subjects vocabulary:

We will then watch a video to help us prepare for talking about our favorite subjects:

This will be an intro for speaking practice done in pairs: we will practice dialogue and asking/asnwering questions about school subjects, days of the week and our schedule in general. 

Next thing we’ll do is do some matching exercise with this fun activity:

We’ll finish the class and have some fun playing a game with our flashcards: