Class 1 – Monday, November 15th

Happy Monday, everyone! Our books are here and we are ready to check them out so let’s dig in!
Today we’ll start with a word search puzzle on the page 5 of our Activity book. Can you be the first one to find all the hidden school subjects?

We’ll continue with activity 2 on the same page and review the phrase “I like –  I don’t like”.

We’ll practice expressing likes and dislikes with flashcards. Each student will draw a card and say whether they like it or not, using the whole phrase and using the word/object on a flashcard.

We’ll finish with activity 6 on page 7, Activity book. Students need to put words in the right order to form a correct sentence beginning with “Have you got…?” and answering accordingly Yes I have or No, I haven’t.

Class 2 – Wednesday, November 17th

Hi there! We’ll begin with an activity 7 on page 7 of Activity book.
We’ll continue working through activities 8, 9 and 11 on pages 8 and 9.

We’ll do some word searching:

We’ll finish then with a daily routines board game to revise our previous unit!