Class 1 – Monday, November 22nd

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Did you know that most popular holidays in the United States are Christmas and Thanksgiving? This week is a thanksgiving week and we are going to do some activities to help us learn about thanksgiving vocabulary, tradition and have fun while dancing our turkey dance!

First we will have a little introduction into a thanksgiving tradition with this video:

and we will take a look at this video for new vocabulary:

And we work together to match the right pairs:

It’s time to dance with this turkey dance freeze song:

Now that we know what words are used when we talk about Thanksgiving, we will play a round of memory to boost our knowledge:

We’ll play a round of Simon says but it will be a Thanksgiving edition:

We will then finish the class and test what we’ve learned so far with this thanksgiving food quiz:

Class 2 – Wednesday, November 24th

Hi everyone!

We are continuing with thanksgiving activites today and first thing we’ll do is thanskgiving vocabulary revision:

We will then do this card game to further practice our vocabulary:

And then we’ll hop on this train that will take us to our vocabulary goals:

There’s a turkey hiding somehwere here! But where is it? Is it behind a tree? Or in a bush?
We’ll go on a turkey hunt and look for it:

We will finish with a round of Go fish game, practicing and working on our Thanksgiving day vocabulary: