Monday 22nd

Today we will start with speaking practice to revise part 2 of the exam.

CAE language upgrade

We will then discuss the benefits and drawbacks of going to school vs homeschooling before completing the following reading task in class. 


CAE Reading and Use of English Part 6: Cross Text Multiple Matching Practice Test

Wednesday 24th

Today we will complete the following listening task:

Students will then work in pairs to answer the following speaking exam tasks: 

Extra question: which aspect is the most important consideration for the health of older people?

  1. Are we too obsessed with healthy eating and physical fitness nowadays? Why/not?
  2. Which benefits do people get by doing exercise in the avoidance of stress?
  3. Are there times when it’s better to treat yourself rather than going to the doctor? Why/not?
  4. Some people say the government should take more responsibility to keep citizens healthy. What’s your opinion?
  5. Some people say that because of new working styles and the attitudes of large corporations, people suffer more stress than in the past. What do you think?