Lesson 1:

Hi everyone,

Today we will start by talking through the homework from last week.

Then we will do some listening practice on page 31.

We will then do some writing part 1 practice in class: Essay

We will finish the class with a game of scattergories.

Homework: reading and use of English activity 3 on page 33.

Lesson 2:

Today we will continue preparing for your exams next week.

I will show you an example paper so you can see what the questions are like and how it is set out.

Then we will do some speaking practice on page 37 and 38.

Next, we will spend a bit of time practicing writing. You can choose one of your writing homeworks to work on.

To finish , we will spend a bit of time going over study tips.

We will end the class with a kahoot quiz.

Homework: go through the book and feedback on your writing homework to prepare for the practice exams next week.

Have a go at the exercises you find the most difficult.

The grammar and vocabulary reviews at the end of each chapter are useful.