Daniel, KET for Schools, Monday and Wednesday 17.30-18.30


Hello everyone, first we can talk about the homework and we can present our writings.

Today in the class we will:

  • Next week we will do a test exam in class, so for the first part of the class we will go through an FCE exam and talk about the Reading and Use of English parts.
  • Then, from the student book we will do pages 31 about travel and holidays
  • We can do a FCE Speaking Part 3 about holidays too.
  • Then, page 32 from the book :


This is the last class of the week, so we will give and talk about the homework today. Also, we will:

  • Play a Past Simple game past simple irregular
  • Page 32 from the book
  • Then we can continue to talk about the exam for next week.


 As usual I stress the importance of homework. This week the homework will be:

Homework will be to revise all parts of the Reading and Use of English

Exam English FCE