Hello class, the first thing we will talk about is the homework, then we can begin the class.

Today in the class we will:

  • We were talking last week about Used To and Get Used to, so we can start with a Kahoot to use that grammar.
  • Then in the book we will look at a Listening Part 4
  • Then some Phrasal Verbs
  • We can play a PVerb game
  • Finally we can do some Conversation Questions about Phrasal Verbs


This is the last class of the week, so we will give and talk about the homework today. Also, we will:

  • Talk more about the upcoming exam
  • So we will do, online, the Use of English and Reading
  • Then we can talk about the Writing Part 1 homework from the page. 35
  • We will look at some examples of good and bad writings
  • We can plan our writings together.

Here are the pages:


 As usual I stress the importance of homework. This week the homework will be:

  • Writing Part 1 from Page 35