Class 1 – Monday, November 29th

Hi everyone! Today we are going to do a revision of previous units to get us ready for a new unit.
First we will do a revision of classroom objects:

We will revise days of the week, first with a song:
and then with a game:

We will then review school subjects with these two activities:

We will practice „have got“ – interrogative, affirmative and negative form:
This activity will help us practice conversation as well. Students will do it in pairs, one of them will read a question and the other one will answer it.

We will finish with 2 games to revise daily routines and telling time:

Class 2 – Wednesday, December 1st

Hi everybody! Today we are going start with days of the week practice:

We will practice asking „What day is today?“ and answering the full phrase „Today is…(Monday).“ with this random day of the week generator:

We will then do a quiz to revise vocabulary from different units, e.g. describing people, school subjects, school objects etc.
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Next thing we’ll do is revise telling time:

We will then listen to a story „Back to school“, explain it and give our ideas and suggestions to what is happening in the story and why. Students will learn the expression „I think…“ to field ideas and practice answering questions about the story: