Friday 27th 

We will focus on cleft sentences in the first part of today’s class. We will review the explanations from the videos you watched for homework, and then look at a few variations in the following PDF:

Since cleft sentences are useful when speaking and writing, we will work in pairs to complete the sentences in the PDF, as well as the following part 1 speaking questions:

  1. What sort of job would you most like to have in the future?
    • “All I have ever wanted to do was… because…”
  2. Who is the person that has had the greatest influence on you?
    • “The person who has had the greatest influence on me is…because…”
    • “It was my…who had the greatest influence on me because…”
  3. What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?
    • “What I would consider to be my greatest achievement is…because…”
  4. What possible drawbacks could shopping online have?
    • “In my opinion, it is…which is the biggest drawback…because…”
    • “What I consider to be the biggest drawbacks of online shopping are…”
  5. Have you ever had a nightmare trip? Why?
    • “Oh my god! Absolutely! So, what happened was…”
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages to owning a mobile phone?
    • “There are so many advantages to owning a mobile phone, but what I would say is the biggest advantage is… because…. 
    • On the other hand, it is…which is the biggest disadvantage. This is because…”
  7. Would you say you value the opinion of your friends or family more?
    • “Obviously both opinions are important, but the one I value more is…because…”

We will complete the following RUE and Listening exam tasks, and finish class with speaking part 3 and 4 exam practice.


  1. Watch the grammar explanation video on page 150 in preparation of next week’s class.
  2. Complete exercises 1 and 2 from the vocabulary section on page 150
  3. Complete the RUE part 2 exam task
  4. Complete the RUE part 7 exam task
  5. Answer the essay question