Class 1 – Monday, May 30th

Today we will be starting unit 33 – At the hospital.
First we will talk about different problems we can have before going to a hospital, elicit and preteach new vocabulary.

Next we will do activity A and B on page 70.

We will watch a video at the hospital to practice hospital vocabulary, basic sentence formation and talking about what could happen next:

We will continue with activity C on page 70.

Finishing with some ilnjuries vocabulary: &

Class 2 – Wednesday, June 1st

Today we will start unit 35 – What it’s made of? Here we will learn about different types of materials that ordinary everyday things are made of.

We’ll begin by talking about all the materials we know. Then we will do a Baamboozle and try to learn more:

Next we’ll do activity A on page 74.

We’ll practice this further:

We’ll continue with activity C on the same page.

We’ll finish bookwork with listening activity E and do some coloring as well.

Our last game will be to find things in our classroom that are made of different materials we’ve learned today!