Class 1 – Tuesday, May 31st

We will revise present perfect with a Baamboozle:

Then we will learn the difference between yet and already and continue with activity 9 on page 67


We will then do the following worksheet together:

We will finish with a game to practice participle for present perfect:

Finishing with 2 games here to practice present perfect:

Class 2 – Thursday, June 2nd

We will start the class with „Have you ever…?“ game:

Next thing we will do is the  exam task on page 68 and this exercise will be done in teams.

We will finish bookwork with activity 2 on page 70 and revise emotions at the same time.

We will do a funny trivia before we go home:

Should we have more time left, we will spin the wheel and play „Have you ever…?“ game to practice speaking and present perfect.