Class 1:

Today we will be looking at inventions. We’ll talk about some of the best inventions of all time and watch this video.

Finishing with a Bamboozle on inventions

Class 2:

Today we’ll start with a video on new technology. Then we are going to create our own inventions. This will be done in pairs/groups. The following questions must be answered and then present your ideas to the class.

Ideas here

  • Draw a picture of your invention and label it.
  • What is it called?
  • Is it used for communication, transport, fun, medicine, science or something else?
  • Explain what it does and what it can be used for.
  • How will it help people? Can it change the way people live?
  • Who would buy it? Target market.
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will it cause any problems?