Class 1 – Tuesday, June 7th

Today we will start the last chapter in our books – Technology & me!

First we’ll elicit and preteach some technology vocabulary:

We will do exam task on page 73 which will be a great listening practice for us. This activity will be done in pairs.

We will talk about technology and how important it is for us in our daily lives.
Next we’ll watch a video about smart homes of the future:

Next we’ll have some fun with vocabulary related to different actions we can do thanks to our modern technology:

We will finish with gadgets baamboozle:

Class 2 – Thursday, June 9th

Last time we talked about technology so we will kick off today with Fact or Fiction challenge about Internet:

We will continue with a warmer „Would you rather…?“:

Then we will move on to page 76 and explain as … as when comparing two things.
We’ll do task 3 on that page.

Then we’ll do a Baamboozle and try to identify incorrect sentences:

To relax before we go, we will have this exciting trivia with various questions to put our knowledge to a test: