Monday / Tuesday

Today we will be discussing the news and the way it is reported. First we have some general questions on the topic:

  • In what ways have the methods of reporting new changed over the last 75 years?
  • Some people like to know everything that is happening in the news, while others mostly ignore the news. How much interest do you take in what is happening in the news?
  • How do you consume the news? (e.g. TV, newspaper, social media etc)

We will then complete the speaking part 3 and 4 tasks on page 115 and finish with a review of the essay and make a plan for the homework task.


Which aspect of the news has been affected most by new technology?

  • How truthful the news is
  • The involvement of the public in reporting news
  • The immediacy of the the news

Opinions expressed:

  1. With so many news websites it’s difficult to know which ones are telling the truth.
  2. Anybody with a mobile phone can submit a story to a news channel.
  3. The internet means the public can consume news the moment it breaks.

Write your essay discussing two of the options, choosing one as being most affected by new technology. Write your answer in 220-260 words.


Today we will start off a new topic about cultures and countries. We will begin with a video about English stereotypes and a discussion on what makes a culture.

What is an English stereotype? | Easy English 42

We will then look at speaking part 2 on page 120/121 and the use of comparative language to talk about similarities and differences.

To practise this language we will complete the following part 4 task in pairs:

Following this we will complete the following speaking part 2 exam practice questions:


Complete the reading exam task on page 112-113

Complete the listening part 3 task on page 114

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