Today we will learn vocabulary connected to mental processes on page 158, before putting it into practice with a speaking part 3 exam task.

Following this we will complete the listening exam task on page 166. 

If there is time remaining, we will play a kahoot related to idioms: https://create.kahoot.it/details/proficiency-expert-module-5-review/0abbb956-0ad5-4775-91b4-b20d658ab22d


P.160: Watch the video about participle and  to + infinitive clauses and then complete activities 1, 3 and 4


Today we will start off by checking understanding of participle clauses by completing the activities below and a Kahoot

This will also be handed out in class:

Following on we will revise formal and informal letter writing (p161).


Exam Students must also complete a full exam. Follow this link and choose a CAE exam


Use the writing guide to help with the written tasks:


Complete the letter in ex 6 on page 161

Complete the sentences to practise participle clauses