Today we will focus on food! We will start off with a video of some strange foods from around the world.

Kids Try Mystery Foods (Escargot, Caviar, Pâté) | HiHo Kids

We will also learn some vocabulary for food flavours:

Food & Flavor Adjectives | Baamboozle

We will also learn about British Food and in particular the Full English breakfast:

 What is a Full English Breakfast? Learn English vocabulary about Breakfast

Then we will learn about making sentences with there is and there are, plus some/any/a/an

there is there are / some,any, a, an | Baamboozle


Today we will learn all about Thanksgiving! We will watch a video and answer questions about this celebration, and then play a game to test our knowledge. 

Thanksgiving Story for Kids – The First Thanksgiving Cartoon for Children | Kids Academy

Thanksgiving for Kids | Baamboozle

We will complete a wordsearch full of Thanksgiving vocabulary: Thanksgiving Wordsearch with KEY

Finally we will do a small art project about what we are thankful for. Students have to write ten things for which they are thankful.