Welcome back everybody! Today we will start off the class by discussing our Christmas break and the different things we did. 

We will speak about what we want to do and achieve in 2024 and discuss New Year’s Resolutions. HiHo Kids Share Their New Years Resolution | HiHo Kids

  • What are some New Year’s resolutions you have made in the past?
  • Is it popular to make New Year’s resolutions in your country?
  • Students will brainstorm common New year’s Resolutions that people make and put their ideas into a list of most popular to least popular.

We will finish off with a video andBamboozle to learn about some strange New year traditions from around the world. 


Today we will revise speaking about future achievements using the future perfect.

We will first watch a video about Tarot readers and talk about what these people do. We will then learn how to make sentences with future perfect, before putting it into practice by reading our partner’s futures using cards and dice. 
We will finish with a Kahoot to check our overall understanding of the  future perfect.