Today we will continue looking at animals and modals of speculation on page 70. We will watch a video about a very clever animal, and then categorise animals based on intelligence using adverbs of probability on page 70.

Stoffel, the honey badger that can escape from anywhere! – BBC

We will learn about speculative language and put it into practice by guessing what the animals could be in the following game:


Page 59: exercises 2 and 3


To begin, we will look at the following images and decide which one represents us best

Earphones vs Headphones

Watching films on the TV vs Laptop

Normal watch vs Smart watch

Then we will look at interactive language we can use in the speaking exam by playing a Quizlet Live. We will use this language (which you can also see below) to debate in small groups the topics from this Quizlet set

We will then talk about our favourite films and actors, and what we think life would be like if we were famous. 

Conversation Questions – Fame

We will watch a video about Will Smith and his opinion

… and then practise the debate language by discussing whether being famous has more benefits or negatives.