Today we will start off discussing mysterious creatures of nature. We will also watch a video about bigfoot, before reading about an encounter with him on page 91. Afterwards, we’ll learn about the past continuous with a game and the activities on page 91. We will finish by starting a documentary about the mysteries of animals that actually exist. 

Bigfoot Encounter Leaves Man in Shock | The Proof Is Out There | Exclusive (Season 2)

Past Continuous Gap Fill | Baamboozle

Our Planet | Jungles | FULL EPISODE | Netflix


Today we will learn about the Loch Ness Monster!

Scotland’s Sea Monster | Drain the Oceans: Secrets of Loch Ness | National Geographic UK

We will also learn vocabulary connected to the weather: Weather sort – Match up

We will also do a mystery animal quiz: GUESS THE ANIMAL | Baamboozle

Then we will continue with the documentary we started in the last class.