Hi guys:

Class one:

Today we reviewed the 2nd and 3rd conditionals. We started with conversation based on the second conditional questions from this Powerpoint 2nd-cond.ppt 

Then we reviewed the third conditional using a second Powerpoint 3rdconditional-111216050741-phpapp01.ppt

This led onto some sentence transformation from part 4 of the use of english exam.

We finished the class with conversation activity to practise this grammar point further. balloon-debate-adv-adults (1)

Homework: Please complete question 4 and 2 on page 174 (these are both writing part 2).

Class two:

Today we worked on part 6 of the reading and use of english exam. Students re-ordered cut-up stories, and we discussed what grammar and vocabulary was important when deciding the order. We then completed exercises 1 and 3 on page 29. Finally, students worked together to complete the exam task on page 30.

Homework: Please complete exam task on page 169-170