I hope you had a good weekend and did the homework! Last week we looked at Health, and we also did some pronunciation and reading. In the first class today we will do:

  • The first task is a Reading and Use of English Part 7 from the book, about how old people can stay healthy.
  • Then we will look at idioms. This is very useful for the exam, as Idioms are important.
  • We can play a Idioms Game to test our skills.
  • There are lots of songs with idioms some here is a Lyrics Idioms game to use Idioms.

Please see this image for the pages:

Daniel, Wednesday 19th October, B2 Open World, 16.00-17.15

The class today will be focused on listening skills:

  • First, we can look at the structure of the FCE listening exam
  • Then I will show you how to do a full listening from youtube. (Teacher Frank FCE
  • The next part of the class is some grammar about Gerund or Infinitive


Please write 10 sentences using the Gerund and Infinitive.